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Why Choose the D.C. Region?

A headshot of a young woman wearing a multicolored baseball cap, backpacking through the woods.
Kate Manning (D.C. Region '15)

I love living in the DC region because there is always something to do. From free festivals, museums, and live music, to exploring the beautiful national parks and kayaking on the Potomac. DC has something for everyone!

A headshot of a young African American woman with shoulder-length dark hear.
NiLa (D.C. Region '15)

D.C. is a great home away from home. Tons of museums, sidewalk cafés, and there's always some fun festival or event going on. Such a vibrant city to live in.

A headshot of a young woman with long dark hair standing outdoors and smiling.
Cabell Williams (D.C. Region '15)

Top 5 reasons I LOVE living in DC: workout studios, farmers markets, the city's history and monuments, walkable neighborhoods, amazing restaurants!

Becoming Certified to Teach

  • Overview
  • What type of teaching certificates does DC offer?
  • What type of certificates does Prince George's County offer?
  • Will you accept my transcripts without a degree conferral date?
  • What are the GPA requirements to teach in the D.C. Region?
  • What is the fee for certification?
  • Where can I get information about the certification examinations?
  • How long do I have to complete the examinations?
  • Is there any help available to prepare for the examinations?

Teacher certification is a requirement for all Teach For America - D.C. Region Corps Members. If you already hold a teaching license from another state, we will work with you to achieve reciprocity in the District of Columbia or Maryland.

Certification Requirements

Certification requirements differ between sectors and subject areas, but all corps members are required to take and pass the Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Praxis CORE exam and an additional content-specific Praxis II exam.

Further requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Certification coursework through The Johns Hopkins University
  • Ongoing professional development with your school, district, and Teach For America
  • Additional Praxis exams before the end of your two-year commitment

All corps members are required to complete their certification through The Johns Hopkins University School of Education.

Master's Degree Option

Through our partnership with Johns Hopkins, Corps Members and alumni also have the option of completing a master’s degree in education during their second year, though this is not a requirement of service with Teach For America-D.C. Region. 

  • Regular I (valid for 2 years, non-renewable)
  • Regular II (valid for 4 years, renewable)

Find more information about Teaching Licensure in the DC Region


  • Resident Teacher Certificate
  • Standard Professional Certificate 

Find more information on Teaching Licensure in Prince George’s County.

At least a bachelor's degree is required for certification. As a result, we will not accept a transcript without a degree conferral date. Three sets of official transcripts are required. All three sets must reflect a degree conferral date.


  • In order to teach in D.C., you must have at least a 2.5 cumulative undergraduate GPA.
  • In order to teach in Maryland, you must have a 2.7 cumulative undergraduate GPA.


The total cost of The Johns Hopkins certification program varies depending on the district. Corps members who complete the school year are eligible to receive an Americorps Education Award of approximately $5775.


Whether you teach in DC or Maryland you will be required to take Praxis I and Praxis II exams. Information for these districts can be found at the following links:

District of Columbia

Prince George’s County (Maryland)

You will need to take and pass the Praxis I and Praxis II exams before you arrive at our regional Induction in June.

The Praxis II PLT exam is usually taken during your second year of teaching.


Yes. Once admitted to the DC Region you will have the opportunity to access the DC Region Onboarding Hub which provides additional information and resources on test preparation.


What You Need to Know


Salaries range from $45,000 - $52,000


Strongly recommended (required if teaching in Prince George's County)


Johns Hopkins University, American University (Optional two year program starting in the second year)


One or two years

Placement School Locations

Subjects And Grade Levels

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary
  • English
  • Biology
  • Math
  • Spanish
  • Special Education

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Regional Expenses

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What's Left Over
Ongoing Certification Costs
You may be able to offset ongoing certification costs with an AmeriCorps education award. Learn more.
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